Boehner Predicts Most of Obamacare Will Remain


"Republicans never ever agree on health care", said Boehner, noting that the GOP will come up with a "fix" for Obamacare, but that you "shouldn't call it repeal-and-replace, because it's not going to happen".

A new Pew Research Center poll also finds support for the ACA at its highest level on record: 54 percent approve of the health care law, while 43 percent disapprove. The simple reality is that while President Trump's election may have papered over differences within the GOP as to the right way to tackle, say, what to do with Obamacare, it has not eliminated those differences.

"W e've got some big government Republicans who don't really want to repeal Obamacare, they may want to couch it that way, but basically what they want is Obamacare light", Rep. Brooks said. This drives up cost, and consequently many young people simply skip on health insurance.

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Fifty-four percent of US adults approve of the Affordable Care Act in the Pew Research Center survey released Thursday, while 43 percent disapprove and 3 percent have no opinion.

The increase in the laws popularity is nearly entirely due to a spike in support among independents, whose approval of the law has risen to 50 percent, compared with 39 percent unfavorable. Nearly half of Democrats want to see the law expanded. Respondents were asked their mood about the possibility of a repeal, and more said "worried", (56%) and "hopeful", (53%); with 45% saying "confused", 38% saying "angry", and 33% saying "enthusiastic". Democrats overwhelmingly support Obamacare with 85 per cent expressing approval, however, Republicans broadly disapprove, with just 10 per cent approving of the law.

President Donald Trump implied Friday that a replacement for Obamacare would cover more people than the law now does. And 26 percent of Democrats want to see at least parts of Obamacare repealed, down from 32 percent at the beginning of the year.

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"It's that replacement plan that really is providing a great anxiety among some of the Republican members, what it should include and what it shouldn't include", Meadows explained. They'll repeal it because they need to, not because they necessarily have a better idea.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that 18 million people could lose health insurance if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a replacement.

Ten percent said they didn't know, or had no opinion. Most stations would increase it, sometimes far more than they should. The problem was that it cost people more money than it should in the end.

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If the mandate were to be repealed, many insurers would be likely to stop selling Obamacare plans, because they would be left with fewer healthier customers buying coverage, and with a disproportionate number of less-healthy customers.