Cuba Rejects Israeli Threats Over Two-State Solution


Prior to the Trump-Netanyahu summit, an administration official revealed that the new president is not committed to a specific formula, but will support whatever the parties themselves determine is acceptable to both, even if it is not the so-called "two-state solution".

Following Trump's ambiguity about his commitment to the two-state solution on Wednesday, French and British diplomats came forward to reiterate their commitment to the longstanding policy of many Western states.

Cuba has voiced today its concern at the United Nations over the negative impact of Israel " s aggressiveness on the two-state solution to the conflict with Palestine.

On Wednesday, Trump suggested a break with the two-state solution, which is a longstanding bedrock of Washington and the global community's policy for a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

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"The true prerequisite of peace is that Palestinians must recognise Israel as a state and must stop teaching its citizens hatred against Israel and calling for Israel destruction".

"It is very risky to move away from the two-state solution idea, especially before you have something viable as an alternative", Sweden's Ambassador Olof Skoog warned.

The United States wants to help bring the Israelis and Palestinians to "the table to have them talk through this in a fresh way, to say, 'Okay we're going back to the drawing board".

The US envoy also went on to criticise the United Nations for alleged bias against Israel.

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The UN and the Arab League have since issued a joint statement reiterating their support for the creation of a Palestinian state, exposing a widening rift with Mr Trump's stance.

She added that the U.S. would not back resolutions condemning Israel, like the one passed in December that called for the end of settlement building.

"It is very unsafe to move away from the two-state solution idea, especially before you have something viable as an alternative", Sweden's Ambassador Olof Skoog warned. In fact, it represents a painful and historic Palestinian compromise of recognizing Israel over 78 percent of historic Palestine.

It would be an "error" to say the United States is abandoning its decades-old policy of backing a Palestinian state as part of a final settlement, she told reporters.

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A senior Palestinian official denounced the White House comment on Wednesday, saying it was irresponsible.