Editorial cartoon comparing Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges defended by cartoonist


I was horrified watching her interviews with the Senate and the lack of depth and understanding she shows on the most basic of issues. Isn't that what went down the other day when Devos visited a school to do her job?

"After 40 years since the inception of magnet schools, I think it's important to celebrate their important role and also to remind ourselves that there's so much more work to be done", said DeVos, who went on to highlight federal grants for magnet schools and other efforts to help the sector. Mike Crapo's office regarding DeVos' nomination were against her 19-1, but despite the outpouring of concern and criticism, Sens.

In her first public speech as U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos praised magnet schools, spoke about the goal of education and pushed back against protesters who last week temporarily blocked her from entering a school in Washington D.C. Student speakers expressed their belief that DeVos will have a detrimental impact on Idaho's education system. We've seen enough written that they want to make my life a living hell. During her confirmation hearing, she struggled to answer questions surrounding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as well as school accountability for students' progress. That's false. The Wall Street Journal points out that charter school students in Detroit do significantly better on state tests than those at regular public schools and that most of the top schools in the city are charter schools while most of the worst are the regular schools. All this comes from a person that, when asked directly by Sen. Bridges, a young child, suffered through violent crowds that tossed epithets her way as she tried to get to school.

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I opposed DeVos because she has virtually no experience with our public schools.

The Betsy DeVos as Ruby Bridges image is a reminder that some women are always infantilized, while little black girls treated like adults.

The event attracted a handful of counter-demonstrators, too, most of whom criticized protesters for discounting DeVos before she had tipped her positions on education policy.

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"I agree with them". "I think all great schools should be highlighted and should be supported", she said.

"We need to see what she does", Christensen added. She also has advocated for guns in school, saying that it would protect students from threats. The more people who pay, the more money that she will get. "We care about our education".

"Millions of poor, disadvantaged children are trapped in failing schools, and this crisis-and it really is a crisis. we're going to change it around and especially for our African-American communities", he said seated at a table with parents and educators. Bernie Sanders, "if she thought that she would be sat in front of them [the Senate] if her family had not donated over two hundred million dollars to the Republican Party?" to which she replied: "I think that I would, yes".

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