Eugenie Bouchard Takes Fan On Date After Losing Super Bowl Bet


"Time to pay up and give this fan a date, Genie Bouchard", a Bleacher Report wrote.

Westmount's Bouchard was watching the Super Bowl on February 5, and early in the third quarter with the Atlanta Falcons sporting a 25-point lead over Tom Brady's New England Patriots our Genie "nationale" thought the game was over. The fan then asked her to go on a date if the Patriots somehow ended up winning and in what must have seemed like a low-risk reply, Bouchard said, “sure.”.

"Do you guys think there'll be a second date?" the TMZ cameraman asked.

After Tom Brady inspired the miraculous win, Bouchard agreed to honour the bet with the complete stranger.

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Realizing she had become a big deal in the Twitter-verse, Bouchard made it clear the next day she would pay off.

According to ESPN, the women's tennis star, now ranked No. 44 in the world, took Goehrke as her date to the Nets game at Brooklyn's Barclay Center on Wednesday night.

The Atlanta Falcons were 21-3 up on the New England Patriots, a lead that would be extended by a further seven points in the third quarter.

'He picked me up at my hotel, like a gentleman, and we came over here.

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I was anxious, however, when I looked at his Twitter profile and his profile picture was a photo of Tiger Woods.

Bouchard even uploaded an Instagram video of John, laconically describing the meeting as "the best date ever".

And would there be a second date?

Eugenie Bouchard is easily known as one of of the most sexiest female stars in the sports world today.

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