Jets Star Darrelle Revis Involved In Altercation In Pittsburgh


New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is being investigated by Pittsburgh police, after Revis was reportedly involved in an early-morning altercation on the South Side of Pittsburgh last weekend, according to WTAE. Revis said yes, and the two men followed him and recorded him on their cell phones, WTAE's report said. When the officer returned, the two men were unconscious and Revis was no longer at the scene, according to WTAE, which added that police are considering filing felony charges against the National Football League veteran. One report out of Pittsburgh alleges that Revis was jumped by a group of people.

According to KDKA, there are charges pending in the case and the other side of the story states that two men were following and filming Revis. Mr. Revis feared for his safety and retreated from the aggressors. Sources told WTAE that Revis allegedly attempted to grab the phone and delete the video.

It was unclear as of Thursday afternoon if Revis was still in the Pittsburgh area.

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Then, one of Revis' friends approached and the two alleged victims were punched.

The Jets confirmed they have spoken with Revis and are aware of the incident. Revis asked the men to leave him alone, a shoving match ensued, Revis' friend approached and the two men were punched, though nobody saw who threw the punches, WTAE said.

Both of the men were allegedly taken to the hospital, with one of them suffering broken bones around one of his eyes.

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Revis played his college ball at Pitt.

Revis was drafted 14th overall by the Jets in 2007.

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