Pokemon GO Receives 80 New Creatures and Gameplay Update


Pokemon Go developer Niantic will add more than 80 Pokemons originally discovered in the Johto region to the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver video games. Remember that some of the original Pokemon will be able to evolve differently as well.

In addition to the new Pokemon, Niantic is also including new Evolution items for evolving Pokemon, and a new purchasable accessory and outfit options for customizing your trainer.

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In November 2016, files were found in Pokemon Go's gaming code that suggested 100 new, Generation II Pokemon would be added to the game at some point.

Starting this week, Poke trainers will have more opportunities to evolve their Pokemon than ever before. Niantic further adds that additional items can be purchased for real money. Two new types of berries are also coming, Nanab berries and Pinap Berry. They are also adding new items carousels to the screen too. There is no precise date on when the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update will start rolling out, but the timeline is not too vague like the previous one.

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Previous events were not a likely indication: extra candy might have attracted the hardcore Go players out there, but new creatures to catch is always going to be exciting to just about everyone. For instance, we are yet to learn as to what new gameplay mechanics and items will be added to the game. Pokemon will react in new and exciting ways during encounters.

We'll update this post if any other shocking revelations are made within the next few hours. You'll also be able to equip your avatar with new items including hats, shirts and pants. The word out is that the change to "Pokemon Go" will happen on the February 18 so AR gamers are advised to be on their heels.

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