Russian model dangles from Dubai skyscraper in death-defying photo shoot


The 22-year-old was ordered to sign a written statement ensuring she would not repeat the life-threatening video shoot, which saw her dangling 73 stories off of the Dubai Canyon Tower, the Sun reports.

Odintcova said authorities should have thanked her for highlighting safety issues at the Cayan Tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The Russian model first tilted backwards over the huge drop, before dangling high above the ground from the arm of her bearded helper.

Major General Halil Ibragim Al-Mansuri, of the Dubai Police, told the newspaper: "The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk".

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The now viral Instagram photos show Odintcova leaning out into thin air from atop the 1,008 foot tall skyscraper while a male assistant is holding her hand.

Now, she's facing backlash after the stunt she pulled in a quest for social media adulation.

"I still can not believe that I did it. I get sweaty palms when I watch the video", according to a caption on the photo posted to Instagram.

"Super insane, but incredible!" one of her Instagram followers said.

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"Crazy! Looks like god gave you beauty but seems like he forgot to grace you with a brain", one wrote.

"Proving beauty doesn't equal intelligence".

Some feared that she would spark a death-defying "Internet craze", as one said: "So irresponsible and stupid".

"If this becomes a trend I really will lose faith in humanity".

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