The Division Update 1.6, Last Stand Deployment Times Revealed


Ubisoft has announced today that The Division's third and final expansion, Last Stand, launches tomorrow, February 28th on all platforms along with the new 1.6 update. The former will bring a new Incursion called stolen Signal, a new objective-like PvP game mode named Last Stand, and a new area to the very glitchy Dark Zone that is lazily named "North Expansion". Additionally, the update adds Dark Zone leaderboard and an ultra-difficult Legendary mode that is aimed at "top players".

As for Stolen Signal it will sport a mission where players must rescue hostages in a TV filming set.

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This expansion will be released simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows so everyone can enjoy at the same time. The mode is basically organized PvP in the Dark Zone, and it pits teams of eight against each other and also supports matchmaking. It goes without saying that the rest of the Dark Zone may not be as balance-friendly as Last Stand, so gamers traversing out there should keep both eyes open.

The game that has seen a lot of major game breaking glitches in its few days of existences, Tom Clancy's the Division, will face its last DLC, The Last Stand. Do you still play the game? Alongside the launch of the new expansion, a free trial will be available for new players to The Division. At the end of either, the trial will stop and give the option to purchase the full game, with all progress transferring over from the trial.

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The trial will offer six hours of playtime or a character levelled up to level 8 - whichever comes first.

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