Trump pressed on Electoral College claim


US President Donald Trump was forced on the defence after being caught out on false claims about his voter support. "I wasn't supposed to get 222, they said there's no way to get 222". He then noted that you only need 270 electoral votes to win - and as he had in the past, described his presidential victory as the "biggest win since [former President] Ronald Reagan".

"You said today that you had the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan", Alexander began, reading off a list of several recent previous presidents who had larger margins than Trump.

As Trump responded, the television audio feed cut out, not returning until he answered Alexander's second, unrelated question, so he was only audible via the White House public address system.

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In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton won 370 electoral votes, defeating Bush. Obama won in 2008 with 365 and in 2012 with 332.

"I was talking about Republican", said Trump. "Well, it was a very substantial victory, do you agree with that?"

The president earned 306 electoral votes, but technically only received 304 after two electors defected. I was given-I actually, I've seen that information around.

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Trump also brought up his electoral vote total in Wednesday's press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in response to a question about growing anti-Semitic incidents. That, it's true, couldn't top Reagan's historic margin of 525 votes in 1984 - but quite a few other presidents have come closer than Trump. He first insisted he had meant the biggest victory on the Republican side, but the reporter stated the aforementioned landslide by George H W Bush in 1988.

When asked about the false claim during the press conference, Trump said he was just saying what he was told.

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