Clocks move ahead in Newfoundland this weekend


We may lose some sleep, but use the time - an hour less, it may be - to keep you and your family safe.

Interestingly, the United States formally adopted Daylight Saving Time in 1918, but it proved unpopular and was discontinued in 1919. If you need to reach me in the next eight months, whatever you do don't make it on June 21, the longest day of the year, when we will have an absolutely unpardonable 15 hours, five minutes and 35 seconds of daylight in the northeastern USA, which will be 15 hours, five minutes and 35 seconds I plan to spend scowling.

Most clocks, such as those on cell phones and computers will update automatically overnight.

DST starts at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March, and ends at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November.

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Hawaii, most of Arizona, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and America Samoa are the only U.S. states and territories that do not observe daylight saving.

By 1966, 100 million Americans observed daylight saving time based on their local and state laws. What started in Germany as a World War I effort to save energy has a lot of people wondering what's the point is in this era. It actually makes their job more hard because they lose an hour of morning light.

This is not the first time a Montana lawmaker has tried to tinker with time.

While the time change this weekend is arguably much harder to adjust to than the one that occurs in the fall, sticking to your normal sleep schedule and avoiding factors that may increase your risk of sleep disturbances can help you better manage that lost hour of sleep.

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Arizona has chosen to not use DST to try and conserve energy that would have been used during the extra hour of sunlight by cooling systems in two of the county's hottest cities, Phoenix and Tucson.

The bill, HB 4011, introduced in January, would also put the entire state in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. The dates of Daylight Saving Time were altered several times in the US until the current ones were set in 2007.

Daylight Saving Time is a good time to check - and if needed change - the batteries in your smoke detectors around the house.

Amid everything else in our country, adjusting clocks twice a year - and the resulting confusion and sleep disruption - no longer is worthwhile.

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