Daylight Saving Time: 5 fun facts


State Sen. Mike Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, joined in on the "spring forward" chatter, posting an online survey asking: "Do you agree that we should do away with the government-forced, twice-a-year mandate making us change our lives by changing our clocks?" So, the country dropped the time change until World War II, and a select number of states chose to follow it after the war's end.

It's also a shift not everyone supports, including Grand Forks city council.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed the beginning of Daylight Saving Time to the second Sunday in March with the ending date being the first Sunday in November. But that's not all - there are several ways daylight saving time can impact your overall health.

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The time change takes place across the US except in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Arizona (but not the Navajo Indian Reservation, which does observe Daylight Saving Time).

A few other tips include eating a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body, hitting the sack 30 minutes earlier on Saturday and Sunday to allow your body the time to adjust and creating a sleeping pattern before you go to bed each night.

The clock change is set for 2 a.m. in hopes that no one will notice the time change. Hawaii and most of Arizona don't take part in Daylight Saving Time. But don't most New Yorkers think everybody else is at least four hours behind? For someone who works 9 5 p.m., without Daylight Saving Time there would be little sunlight left during the busy summer months. It is widely debated if the clock change actually conserves energy or if it causes harmful effects on our sleep cycles.

Spring forward: 2017 daylight saving time begins on Sunday
Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and America Samoa are the only U.S. states and territories that do not observe daylight saving. Furthermore, you should try not to sleep in for more than an hour so your body can adjust over the next several days.

The agency boasts people tend to spend more time outside during Daylight Saving Time, meaning they tend to run household appliances and lights less during the almost 8-month period. At 2 AM on March 12 6th you move the clock forward to 3 AM.

Benjamin Franklin did not invent Daylight Saving Time. The "Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery Campaign" is part of a national campaign to make sure that every home is equipped with working smoke detectors.

Others see Daylight Saving Time as a moment to check on some household duties that have fallen by the wayside.

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