Deadpool Creator Thrilled About Zazie Beetz


Domino is another character in the X-Men extended universe making her way to the Deadpool arena, making her first live-action appearance through Beetz.

End of speculation! As we announced a few days ago that Scandal star Kerry Washington could lend her face to Domino in Deadpool 2, we learned yesterday that it was another actress who finally got the favors of the Fox and the Team Deadpool. Fans instantly took to social media to praise the casting choice.

Atlanta break-out Zazie Beets will play Domino in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

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The new film, set for a March 2018 release, will serve as a follow up to 2016's acclaimed global hit Deadpool.

Marvel character Domino's real name Neena Thurman and she bears the power of telekinesis and is part of mercenary groups known as Six Pack and X-Force.

She can initiate telekinetic acts that affect the probability in her favor, thus, giving her enemies "bad luck".

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Beetz, who plays the mother of Donald Glover's child in Atlanta, will also star in the film Slice with Chance The Rapper later this year.

Domino likely will be a love interest to another X-Men universe character, Cable, who has yet to be cast.

And screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are also on board to pen the script.

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