Elizabeth Banks on Power Rangers: "This one's for my boys"


But it turns out that when you are Hollywood royalty like Bryan Cranston, and you already have a history with the show, being the disembodied floating head Gordon doesn't fill that need, which is why he made a decision to dress up like the Red Ranger when visiting Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. And though he doesn't play a monster-fighting superhero in the big-screen adaptation of the long-running Saturday morning TV show, that didn't stop him from suiting up!

"Thank you, Stephen, I do try to approach each character with a level of dignity", Cranston quipped while stuck in the Ranger helmet.

Luckily, Cranston gets all the glory of playing disembodied head Zordon in the film, which is just as good. The thing is, he does essentially play a disembodied head, which would make it hard to show up in character on Colbert's couch. "Which, you know, is very common", Cranston said.

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Here's another new clip for upcoming action movie Power Rangers that was released by Lionsgate and offers a bit more footage of our favourite colourful teenage super-heroes.

"I first severed a head", he joked.

But doing the voice-over work for Zordon this time around was a far different experience.

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They also sneaked a cat in this time: little Columbus, who wore a dog costume and a sign that read, "I am a puppy, not a kitten in a puppy costume".

Saban's Power Rangers opens Friday.

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