Female pastors in Iowa sign letter expressing support for Planned Parenthood


The American Health Care Act would prevent those on Arizona's Medicaid program from going to Planned Parenthood for any health care.

House Speaker Paul Ryan claims that community health centers would serve those patients instead.

"There is a very human side to planned parenthood, and I am one of those human sides to it", Destefano said. Several House GOP members have already stated their opposition to the measure, while as many as 18 Republican Senators have expressed reservations, whether because they think it's too much like Obamacare, or because it doesn't ensure their constituents will retain insurance coverage.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 24 million Americans will lose their health care coverage.

Planned Parenthood is at a critical juncture, despite the seemingly friendly comments from Trump.

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Planned Parenthood South Austin Health Center is seen in Austin, Texas, U.S. June 27, 2016.

Heavy hitters in the tech world like David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr, Anthony Casalena, the CEO of Squarespace, Jennifer Hyman, the CEO of Rent the Runway, and Alexis Ohanian, the Cofounder of Reddit, are making it a priority to fight against the new proposed health care bill.

Representatives of Planned Parenthood in Arizona say the Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act will hurt women, especially those who are low-income.

"As clergy and as women, we oppose any action by the Iowa Legislature to restrict a woman's ability to make her own health care and reproductive decisions or to access health care services", the pastors wrote.

The most recent annual report for 2014-2015 shows that 94 percent of the Planned Parenthood's pregnancy resolution services were abortions and less than one percent were adoption referrals.

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The commercial features a breast cancer survivor, Jaime, who talks about her experience with Planned Parenthood and how the health care organization saved her life.

"Defunding" Planned Parenthood will not stop abortions, funded by private donations, it just stops other needed medical care, pushing the poor to other providers when they are sicker.

You can not simply replace Planned Parenthood's critical role in this network. A future when it is not possible for Planned Parenthood to fulfill that duty is what McDonald-Mosley fears most.

The plan to deny Planned Parenthood federal funding is highly unpopular, though Republicans have defended it by citing voters who do not want Planned Parenthood to receive any federal funding because it provides abortion services.

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