Forecast: Blizzard warning for most of Long Island


Residents in those counties should expect 10 to 20 miles per hour winds, snow- or ice-covered roads and visibility reduced to less than one mile in some areas.

A "driving snow" is expected to fall during Tuesday, accumulating 6-11 inches during the day.

Snow-covered roads will create hard driving conditions with reduced visibility, the weather service said.

Winter storm warnings were also issued to parts of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, including Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore. Snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches are expected.

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BACKGROUND:A might snow storm slugged Delmarva back in January.

National Weather Service forecasters say Old Man Winter is going to make up for lost time Monday with the possibility of three to five inches of snow.

April 17, 1983, holds the record for snow received latest in the year that is greater than 8 inches, according to Meteorologist Marlon Verasamy, who works at the National Weather Service in South Burlington. Heavy precipitation is expected to develop along and west of the track of the low.

NORWALK - Spring is just a week away, but Old Man Winter is expected to throw a late-season blizzard at the Northeast arriving Monday night.

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The National Weather Service as of Saturday afternoon forecasted 12-18 inches of snow for much of the area between Monday and Tuesday evenings. Then the snow will start coming down heavily. A snow alert has already been issued by the city, and coastal flooding may also be an issue. We'll have a cloudy sky overnight as snow begins to work its way into far western and northern Indiana.

The blizzard watch for the New York metro area encompasses New York City along with Long Island, coastal CT and southern Westchester County.

LOW impact. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, the salt/sand combo along with the higher sun angle (even with the clouds hanging around) will help roads clear up pretty quickly after sunrise.

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