Google launches website to give its open source projects a new home


Serving as a new home for Google Open Source, the website showcases the company's various open source projects, some of which include Android, Chromium, and Flutter.

Given Google's recent open source successes like Kubernetes and TensorFlow, both of which have already created large ecosystems around them, those documents are worth a closer look, especially for other companies that want to release some of their internal code as open source. Implemented in the form of a tag cloud, you simply click or tap the icons of a particular open source product you're interested in, which takes you directly to a page from where you can download its source code from Google's own Git code hosting service.

The blog post also explained that while the documents found on the website describe the open source processes used by Google, they also provide insight as to why Google does what they do.

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With an increase in the breadth of open-source technologies being released by Google, the company is now clubbing all of them under one roof through the release of a dedicated website. Google finally has given us the answer: Google Open Source Projects.

In addition, Google is also providing a significant resource for other enterprises on its new open-source website.

Google launched the website because it believes that open source is good for everyone. "In the future, we hope to add more information about project lifecycle and maturity".

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This release is also accompanied by the release of Google's internal documentation named how we do open source at Google.

If you wish to know more about the new Google open source website, you can listen to this latest podcast. The tech giant has decided to make the knowledge of how it goes about working on open-source internally through a series of public documents.

Our policies and procedures are informed by many years of experience and lessons we've learned along the way. It also sponsors other free-to-use projects and communities via third-party organizations like Software Freedom Conservancy, Apache Software Foundation, and others.

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