Google's New Pixel 2, Aka Taimen, Set to Beat All Size Records


Google has just announced Android O developer preview.

The first developer preview of Android O comes with many new features and APIs (application programming interface). Check out the documentation on background execution limits and background location limits for details.

Specifically, Google have highlighted improvements in battery life and notification as their focus this time around by imposing new limitations on what apps can and can't do while running in the background. For instance, getting notifications only about certain news topics from a news app. Google says that courageous developers can do this with the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player.

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S3 (Simple Storage Service): Amazon Connect uses S3 to provide unlimited, encrypted storage of calls (audio) and reports. Amazon Connect has provided that and more.

Unlike previous year, when it introduced the Android Beta Program, Google isn't making Android O available to the wider public initially (the public beta should arrive in May or June). The Alphabet subsidiary is making this preview available only via manual download and flash to underline it is for developers, and not intended for consumer use.

The new OS is bringing in some other new features as well such as the Multi-display support, Keyboard navigation, advanced Wi-Fi functions, etc.

With Android O, Google is also letting developers create adaptive icons. Google compares these apps to password managers; it sounds like it'll be an improved way to manage all the info you get exhausted of having to enter over and over again. This feature was rolled out to the Nexus 5X in the first Android 7.1.2 release itself, but since the Nexus 6P didn't receive the first release it finally gets this gesture support.

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So what exactly is new in Android O?

Since past year, Google has been gung-ho about developer feedback, which is why it launched N Preview early. So Google has done just that by pushing out the Android O developer preview this week. For apps that want to handle autofill, Google has also added new APIs to implement an Autofill service.

Connectivity: Android O now supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs like the LDAC codec. Going through the notifications will be much easier.

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