Internet goes nuts over Sean Spicer's upside-down flag pin


Last Saturday, the president, in a series of tweets, said that then-President Barack Obama had Trump's phones tapped during the 2016 presidential campaign.

When asked about the violation during a press conference, Spicer told reporters he was doubtful the comments would cause a market disruption.

Spicer continued on that track with Portnoy, saying of Congress, "I think there's a lot that they need to look at", according to the transcript.

Raptors Visit Heat Saturday NBA Tussle
A 12-0 run in the fourth got Toronto within 11, but the Raptors never got the Heat lead down to single digits in the second half. After falling in Atlanta on Friday, Toronto has now lost consecutive games for the first time since February 12 and 14.

Mr Spicer made the joke when he was asked why he and the President had tweeted about employment figures within half an hour of the latest figures being released in violation of federal rules.

OMB said the rule is meant "to preserve the distinction between the policy-neutral release of data by statistical agencies and their interpretation by policy officials".

After Spicer's opening statements on the 50th day of Donald Trump's presidency, he opened the floor to questions from the press. Visit for more information on this news. It reported that 235,000 jobs were added during that time.

Malaysia says 315 North Koreans barred from leaving country
He said in the wake of the diplomatic row, many countries have offered to mediate, "but we don't need a third party for the time being".

The Labor Department's report was embargoed until 8:30 Friday morning, when it was officially released, but the White House received the report beforehand. Mr. Spicer said Mr. Trump was very supportive of their efforts with respect to how we view legal immigration.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer talk to the media while wearing an upside down American flag pin - a sign of distress.

Condemning the killing of Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla and other injured in an alleged race-related attack at Kansas, Sean Spicer urged the United States citizens to stand up for the principles that unite them.

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He said , BJP has the support required to form government in the State and the party will prove it on the floor of the House. Despite being the single largest party in both States, the Congress did not seem to have a counter-strategy ready.

Of course the "joke", only works if all involved acknowledge the very fact that Trump has outright lied and misled his supporters concerning past reports.