Latest iOS update will speed up your iPhone


On the iPhone and iPad front, the biggest addition in iOS 10.3 is the support for locating AirBuds through Find My iPhone. And, while that sounds rather boring, the change could also speed up your phone's functions and give you more storage space. HFS was originally designed for floppy discs whereas APFS is written with iPhones and other modern devices in mind. Those with iOS devices can get the update by going to Settings, General and then Software Update.

As for iOS 10.3 you could see a lot of apps invoke a warning that says updates are not available, or that the app won't work on future versions of iOS. This file system was first introduced at last year's WWDC and is made specifically for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac.

Beta testers of iOS 10.3 have also noted that the update takes significantly longer than previous patches to the mobile operating system.

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One particularly interesting effect of the shift towards an APFS system is a slight increase in free storage. Also, it automatically encrypts all data, making it harder for prying eyes to eavesdrop or make off with your private information. The OS can display the current or last-known location and lets you play sounds through the earbuds to help you find them more quickly.

Moving ahead, iOS 10.3 also brings a very important feature for the users who usually tend to misplace their tiny Airpods.

In iOS 10.3, there's finally a solution... sort of.

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To update your operating system, all you have to do is open your Apple App Store and look for the update!

iOS 10.3 offers a mix of major and minor upgrades. Now, instead of exclusively routing your calls through your iPhone, users can make Wi-Fi calls through an array of iCloud connected devices: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

Along with the eye-catching red casing the new iPhone also features a handsome aluminium Apple logo - a first for the company. Developers have been warned to update their apps of course, but now, iOS 10.3 will show you apps the soon-to-be-incompatible apps on your device. We are surprised that Apple users did not wonder why it required the odd shovel of coal and the iPhone did not occasionally require water to prevent it running out of steam.

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