Mild, Dry Days Tuesday and Wednesday


In certain areas, mainly along the coast, temperatures will begin to rise. We'll be pretty close to that all week as I keep our afternoon highs in the mid 40s and our evening lows in the low to mid 30s.

Health Care Repeal defeated for now
It would have also blocked federal payments to Planned Parenthood. Last week he tweeted that the law would " explode ". Brat said that could be done "in short order".

Wednesday a rainy, wet system moves into the region with rain arriving by lunchtime. It should be dry through the day on Tuesday before rain returns Tuesday night with lows near 50. There will be a slight warm up on Sunday with a high of 60. The rain tapers off Friday with a lighter wind. Mostly though, it will just be a cloudy day.

Low expectations ahead of Arab League summit
Abbas's talks at the White House are expected to follow a visit by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, scheduled for April 3. Riyadh backs the Syrian opposition, but Egypt is pushing for a political deal that could keep Assad in power.

A bit of rain lingers into Saturday morning then some clearing during the afternoon as high temperatures get back to the low 50s. Winds: Variable 5-10 miles per hour. There is a 20 percent chance of lingering thundershowers early this morning for our southeastern most counties.

UK Foreign Office Urge Russia to Release People Detained at Unauthorized Rallies
Feodorov, a student at a Moscow university, says he's never really engaged in politics, but now he wants to see an investigation. The "cannot respect those who deliberately misguide people and who instigated these illegal activities yesterday", Peskov said.

Plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures in the lower and middle 60s kicks off the first week of April. The winds will be picking up as we head throughout the day. Winds: N 10-15 miles per hour. Winds E 5-10 miles per hour. Sunday night lows cool to the low 50s with partly cloudy conditions. Highs are well into the 50s Friday and beyond with dry conditions through your weekend.