Range Rover Velar Detailed in New Documentary Video


Land Rover teased a new SUV in recent weeks, but it now has unveiled all of the details of its newest model, the Range Rover Velar. The drone even takes off and lands while the vehicle is moving, and it's designed primarily for search and rescue missions. The drone can be operated from inside the vehicle and is magnetically locked in place. It is hoped the drone will help reduce emergency response times during natural disasters like avalanches.

The drone and vehicle combined are finely tuned to reduce response times to disasters.

"Land Rover and the team of engineers and designers at Special Vehicle Operations are proud to support the incredible humanitarian work of the IFRC and its members", John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director said. Land Rover has developed self-centring and magnetic retention technology to help the drone land on top of the vehicle while it is still being driven.

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The Red Cross plans to employ the drone to transmit the live footage of damages and potential survivors, thus, enabling them to hatch a rescue mission much faster.

Project Hero marks the first of 120 vehicles supplied to the IFRC that comes with a roof-mounted drone.

It will be built exclusively in the United Kingdom using Jaguar Land Rover's leading lightweight aluminium intensive architecture and powered by the latest ultra-clean UK-built Ingenium petrol and diesel engines.

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Project Hero is based on a 3.0-litre diesel-engined Discovery. The drone has a 20 minute maximum flight time, and when it's finished surveying an area, it can then be programmed to dock back on the Discovery's roof, even if the vehicle is moving, thanks to self-centering technology and magnetic contact points on the roof of the auto.

This unique version of the Discovery is being called 'Project Hero' and it packs within the roof a quadcopter drone, which can take off and land on the auto even when it's moving.

The Project Hero auto will be based with the Austrian Red Cross at its training centre in the mountainous Erzberg region, and also in Vienna, for 12 months of testing from June.

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