Release Of Visual Studio 2017 Announced


Language improvements: New C# language refactoring commands, style analyzers and support for EditorConfig, ability to edit XAML while your WPF or UWP application is running, enhanced support for C++11 and C++14 features, and a new language service for TypeScript and JavaScript. Historically Visual Studio is created to work with its own set of solution and project files. "The strategy could help Microsoft developer offerings gain mindshare for use on platforms where they haven't previously been applicable (for example, on Linux servers or popular mobile devices)".

Black Duck, the global leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source, today announced it is integrating its Hub solution with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (TS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Improved startup and improved project load: Starts up to 3 times faster than Visual Studio 2015, solution load times are 2-4 times shorter, and build performance is faster, particularly for C++ projects.

Live unit testing. Now you can find out in real time if your unit tests will pass without leaving the code editor.

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Run to Click: While you're stopped at a break state under the debugger, when you hover your mouse over a line of code you can continue execution up to that line.

Visual Studio has been around for two decades, having launched in February 1997.

Other new features promise make it easier for Visual Studio developers to connect apps to cloud services including Azure Mobile Apps data storage and authentication. Black Duck's Visual Studio extensions will automatically detect the open source in use during the TFS and TS builds, identifying security vulnerabilities, components with license compliance issues and operational risks early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

If you've now using Visual Studio 2015, you can install 2017 side-by-side with that version. Moving to git.exe means support for SSH, respecting config options, and showing in Team Explorer exactly what you see in the command line. The final version of Python is now not included in VS 2017, as it didn't meet internal criteria required to make the final cut.

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Shawn Nandi, Senior Director, Cloud App Dev and Data Marketing for Microsoft Corp. added, "The OpsHub integration solution for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 helps to unify the DevOps ecosystem and enables teams to fully leverage Visual Studio 2017 in heterogeneous tool chain environments".

This new world brings both opportunities and potential pitfalls for Visual Studio.

With the new release, Microsoft has shifted to a more modular approach for Visual Studio installation, part of a larger effort to make the program faster to use.

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