Seattle sues Trump administration over threat to 'sanctuary' cities


Sessions' announcement also drew the ire of New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, who said, "Despite what Attorney General Sessions implied this afternoon, state and local governments and law enforcement have broad authority under the Constitution to not participate in federal immigration enforcement". Sanctuary city is not an official designation.

"There is a question about whether the federal government could withhold a wide array of federal funds from cities over their sanctuary status and still survive a legal challenge", as TIME notes.

City officials and mayors across the country did not take kindly to the threat, and some pledged to defend their policies even if that means a loss in funding.

"Such policies can not continue", the attorney general warned. "They make our nation less safe by putting risky criminals back on our streets".

Earlier this year, President Trump signed an executive order that orders Homeland Security to "authorize" state and local law enforcement to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants.

"Once again, this new administration has made a decision to bully", he added.

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Sessions noted that the Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs and Community Oriented Policing Services expects to issue about $4.1 billion in grants during the current fiscal year. It violates the 10th amendment by attempting to force local entities to enforce federal immigration law; and violates the Spending Clause by attempting to coerce local action through the denial of federal funds.

But where does this money typically go, and how much does the city really rely on it?

8799, threatened to strip federal funding from cities that refused to assist the federal government in immigration enforcement and was reiterated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week.

"We are not breaking any laws, and we are prioritizing safety", said Murray.

The majority of the immigrants listed on the first report had been jailed or held in Austin.

Numerous non-compliant jails are located in Texas, to the dismay of its Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

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Sanctuary policy has become the main point of dispute between the federal government and Democratic-controlled cities resisting the Trump administration's immigration agenda.

Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior said in a statement that "the American people want and deserve a lawful immigration system that keeps us safe and serves our national interest" and that the federal government will enforce relevant laws.

While liberal mayors defend sanctuary policies, Americans are overwhelmingly opposed.

Local leaders of Seattle and King County reacted Monday by promising to continue their pledges to not share immigration information with federal authorities. Burien, for example, recently passed an ordinance offering sanctuary protections, but stopped short of calling itself a "sanctuary city". Sessions said the cities are making their communities unsafe.

Murray added that he hopes a federal judge will declare the Trump's executive order unconstitutional outright.

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