Touting coal industry, Trump dumps Obama's climate-change plan


Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said Tuesday that President Donald Trump's executive order rolling back former President Obama's anti-climate change efforts was a "declaration of war" against renewable energy.

But Indiana Coal Council President Bruce Stevens says, in the short term, the order will provide some regulatory relief for the coal industry.

Trump's overall executive order goes beyond that program and will suspend, rescind or flag for review more than a half-dozen measures in an effort to boost domestic energy production in the form of fossil fuels.

President Trump signed the order at the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters surrounded by a group of coal miners.

Trump is slated to sign executive actions created to wipe out, yes - wipe out - the environmental legacy of former President Barack Obama.

Former vice president Al Gore called Trump's move a "misguided step away from a sustainable, carbon-free future".

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Among the initiatives now rescinded is the Clean Power Plan, which required states to slash carbon emissions, to meet U.S. commitments under the Paris accord.

Trump's order calls for the immediate evaluation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a 2015 rule (that is now held up in court) that set a national cap on how much pollution existing power plants can produce.

"These executive actions are a welcome departure from the previous administration's strategy of making energy more expensive through costly, job-killing regulations that choked our economy", he said. It directs the federal Environmental Protection Agency to begin a process of backtracking from some of the more formal rules that President Obama's administration had put into effect on climate.

"Perhaps no single regulation threatens our miners, energy workers, and companies more than this crushing attack on American industry", Trump said as he signed the executive order. Scott Pruitt, has defied science and common knowledge by claiming that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to climate change.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts only a slight increase overall in coal production across the country through 2040 without the Clean Power Plan.

The move drew swift backlash from a coalition of 23 states and local governments, as well as environmental groups, which called the decree a threat to public health and vowed to fight it in court. Trump is expected to be accompanied by energy executives when he signs the order.

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"Utah and many public land and energy producing states think that the Clean Power Plan was a significant overreach".

"I am continuing to keep my promise to the American people to get rid of regulations that do nothing, absolutely nothing, but slow down the economy, hamstring companies, push jobs to other countries".

"This is, I think, one of the most historic attacks on climate and environmental action that the U.S. has ever seen", said Liz Perera from the Sierra Club, as reported in the BBC.

The plan was the backbone of the US contribution to the Paris Accords, which was a worldwide, non-binding agreement among 195 nations to keep the planet from warming more than an average of 2 degrees Celsius. It is unlikely to bring a restoration of the coal industry, is certain to be caught up in court for years, and on its own, doesn't pull the United States out of the Paris accords.

According to an Energy Department analysis released in January, coal mining now accounts for fewer than 75,000

Herbert was also among Western states leaders who met with Trump Monday and witnessed the repeal of the Bureau of Land Management's Planning 2.0 rule, another regulation under fire from multiple states in the West.

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