Trump issues revised travel ban for majority Muslim countries


Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday that he w0uld ask the judge to extend his temporary restraining order against the first ban to Trump's revised order.

Schneiderman said Thursday he would join Ferguson's lawsuit, meaning this could be one of the major legal challenges that helps determine whether Trump's order has been revised enough to pass muster.

On its part, the Trump administration has gone for all cosmetic changes to its previous version of the executive order issued on January 27 that aimed to put a ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries so that it can evade the courts, like exemptions for green card holders, permanent United States residents and for those already having a USA visa. Three states (original travel-ban petitioner Washington, plus NY and Oregon) are asking Robart to rule that his original suspension applies to the new order as well, at least until Trump's lawyers answer some pointed questions about it.

Attorneys for the Pacific island state of Hawaii filed a lawsuit late Wednesday in a federal court in its capital, Honolulu, arguing the new order will harm the state's Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.

Trump's revised ban omits Iraq on the list of Muslim-majority countries.

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Washington was the first state to file a suit over Trump's original travel ban and succeeded in temporarily blocking the ban on February 3 when James Robart of Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington handed down his decision.

What happened in the rollout with the first executive order?


Katyal cites a number of past statements - 11 in all - made by Trump and his aides that he says shows the discriminatory intent - demonstrating that the new order "began life as a 'Muslim Ban'".

The new order, signed on Monday and set to go into effect on March 16th, was created to avoid some of the legal opposition.

Sessions said the travel ban creates a "needed pause" to "put in place enhanced screening and vetting processes" for citizens traveling to the USA from the six countries. In Washington state, government lawyers have filed papers saying that the new order "falls out of the scope" of Robart's earlier injunction. It will also no longer affect legal USA permanent residents, and drops controversial language about giving priority to religious minorities. The new executive order also contains other changes.

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It will bar entry of citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days.

Iraq which was covered in the previous seven-nation order has been removed from the new one after agreeing to additional visa vetting measures.

Chin, who noted the state has budgeted about $150,000 for an outside law firm to help with the lawsuit, said people in Hawaii find the idea of a travel ban based on nationality distasteful because they remember when Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during World War II. "Under the pretense of national security, it still targets immigrants and refugees".

Media captionNew US travel ban: What's different? He noted that "there's also a lot of memories that people (in Hawaii) have of nation-of-origin discrimination, including Japanese internment camps, so we really felt like we needed to challenge this order".

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