A Key Google Home Feature is Imminent


The smart speaker wars are heating up.

Google's developer conference past year witnessed the launch of two hardware products from the tech behemoth- Google Home - the Amazon Echo rival, and its mesh networking router, the Google Wi-Fi. Multiple users could have access to the device that is placed in the home. With Amazon Echo, you can simply ask: "Alexa, which account is this?" and she'll tell you.

Google Home is one of my favorite gadgets, and spending a bit of time to learn some of its secrets has made it even more valuable to me and my family.

User identification would also prevent other people from inadvertently messing with your choices and setting by talking to the Assistant when you're away.

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In related news to Google Home, Google has pulled the shopping list feature from Google Keep.

Right now, having a Google Home in your home is a pretty painful experience if you're used to issuing voice commands to your phone. Google have mentioned that they will make it available very soon. It's supposed to be the Google Assistant in a box, but it's still missing a ton of functionality compared to Google Assistant on a smartphone. When will Google be able to just plan a vacation for me? You may also be able to set alarms, personal reminders and create calendar events.

This is great for when you misplace your smartphone around your house. Thankfully, it sounds like Google has been working on the problem and will soon be rolling out an update.

In the past, the list on Google Keep and Express have been separate and with the addition of the new Google Home, the confusion of multiple lists grew.

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We first heard about this in March, when the good folks at Android Police spotted some code in the app hinting at multi-user support. Could this give Google Home the edge it needs over other, similar services? There is a new preference screen for Bisto, and it appears alongside known devices such as an Android TV, Google Home, Pixel, and Android Wear.

Another good account to link with Home is your WhatsApp account.

Enlarge / The message from the Google Home app. It will automatically be sent.

How do you remember important things that you think you might forget?

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