Alec Baldwin reveals the secret to his beloved Trump impression


Alec Baldwin said his three-year-old daughter hates it when he gets praise from adoring fans in public.

Alec Baldwin has hit new levels of fame with his notorious impersonation of President Donald Trump that's so good, The Donald hopes NBC will cancel 'Saturday Night Live' and put a stop to it. "It's kind of eerie, actually. People will walk up to me and I'll, we'll be putting Carmen [his youngest daughter] in her little stroller and someone will walk by very quietly and go 'Thank you, thank you, oh my God, thank you.' They are always thanking me for the Trump thing".

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"It's not going to open the door for nontraditional candidates", opined Baldwin.

The Beetlejuice star also revealed he initially turned down playing Trump on SNL but was on board once a movie had fallen through.

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When asked how he creates the impression, Baldwin said it is "totally a caricature". "You just pick a few things", he said of watching Trump's mannerisms to nail the impression. Left eyebrow up, right eyebrow down.

But now, finally, he's revealed the secret of how he manages to so accurately pull off his impression - most notably, the so-called "Trump face", which Baldwin described as "trying to suck the chrome off the fender of a car" when he dropped by "The Late Show" this week.

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"My wife has a line, it's a wonderful line. Someone has cracked that nut, '" Colbert told Baldwin.