Auto dragged by truck for miles, truck driver oblivous


Cell phone video caught a big rig truck dragging a auto down the highway Wednesday after the vehicle became lodged underneath.

Smoke and sparks flew Wednesday on a SoCal freeway when somehow a auto became wedged into the side of a transport truck.

The incident was caught on camera by another driver who posted it to Facebook. Steimke is heard saying.

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Other drivers honked to get the truck drivers attention, and one finally got in front to stop the truck.

After the truck pulled over, Steimke could be seen approaching the truck driver, demanding why he kept driving when there was clearly a vehicle stuck to his truck.

The truck driver also asked to remain unidentified.

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The incident occurred yesterday afternoon on the Cajon Pass in California, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Motorists in California got quite a show after a driver had no idea he was driving with a vehicle jammed in the rear wheel well of his tractor-trailer on Wednesday.

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