BP workers discover "uncontrolled gas release" at North Slope well house


There is no estimation of the volume of oil spilled or the amount of natural gas that is still coming from the wellhead.

BP plc is still working to secure a well in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay field that began leaking hydrocarbons last Friday. The well had been shut since Friday and the response is continuing, BP spokeswoman Dawn Patience said.

The BP leak comes on the heels of pipeline leaks in Alaska's Cook Inlet off Anchorage.

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BP set up a unified command with state and federal regulators to address the leaking gas and oil.

Officials believe the spill was contained to a well pad and did not reach the nearby tundra. The spray of crude, along with "minor" oil leakage over the past few days, was fairly isolated and stopped leaking altogether Sunday, according to a statement from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

The leakage from an oil well in the direction of the cold arid tundra plains in the north, but the volume of leaks so far is still unknown, the United States news network ABC News reported. The deadly Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico forced BP to sell billions of dollars in assets and set aside more than $50 billion to pay for damages. Output there rose to 565,000 bpd in March, its highest level since December 2013. The upper leak was the one leaking crude oil and hazardous natural gas, but a safety valve activated and shut that leak off.

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Within an hour, they detected that the well also was spraying a mist of crude oil.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation says the spill is ongoing and the volume is unknown. So far there have been no reports of impacts to wildlife. A crude oil spray was confirmed and the spill was reported to authorities. On April 7, Hilcorp announced that it would cut off the flow of natural gas in the most recent leak and fill the line with filtered seawater.

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