Can Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen win the French election?


French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon made a return to hologram campaigning Tuesday, beaming himself and his far-left message to six cities as far away as the overseas territory of Reunion.

Left-leaning Le Monde newspaper has dismissed the claim as "absurd" given that most of the attackers were French, many without criminal records.

While national security has been a strong theme in the campaign, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen hardened her tone on foreign extremists and border controls in the wake of the arrests that came days before the first round of voting.

The petition says: "Don't force French voters to choose between corporate establishment liberalism and xenophobic right populism".

The petition adds: "The outcome of these elections isn't just critical for France; it's critical for the future of Europe and the world".

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Fillon, who says he is victim of a "dirty tricks" campaign, said in comments reported by Le Parisien newspaper that he would work to ensure France's institutions better protected the confidentiality of sensitive information.

The mayor of Frejus, David Rachline, is Ms Le Pen's campaign manager and he's convinced she can become president.

The top two will advance to a run-off vote on May 7. A woman later jumped onto the stage as Le Pen spoke but was quickly slammed to the floor and removed.

Photos of the two suspects in the plot were distributed last week to the security teams for Le Pen and centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Seizing on a foiled attack this week in which he and other candidates were seen as potential targets, the 63-year-old former prime minister sought to reinforce his credentials as a tough pair of hands on security. Hamon is polling a distant fifth place ahead of Sunday's first-round election and has little chance of reaching the decisive May 7 runoff - a failure that could crush his party. The centrist Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen are seen as the front-runners, followed by the centre-right candidate Francois Fillon and the leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon.

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This election is unusual because for the first time in modern history, the current president of France - Francois Hollande, who belongs to the Socialist party - is not putting himself forward for a second term in the job.

Polls suggest that Macron would be favourite to win in the run-off.Le Pen said the choice for French voters was between her rivals' "savage globalisation" and her patriotism. He proposes "disobeying treaties from the moment we take power" and negotiating new European Union rules - followed by a referendum on whether France should leave the bloc it helped found.

Fillon's refusal to quit the race, as he'd previously said he would, in March when investigators pushed ahead with their probe into his family's jobs as parliamentary aides further discredited the political elite in the eyes of many voters.

Candidates have been heavily guarded during the election campaign, but so far there have been few security scares.

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