Canada announces plans to legalize marijuana by July 2018


But Goodale told reporters that Canada is hoping to convince the United States that the planned recreational marijuana regime in Canada "will better protect our kids and better stop the flow of illegal dollars to organized crime".

The proposed law creates two new criminal offenses for such behavior, in addition to spelling out restrictions on how marijuana and marijuana products are marketed.

“With legalization in a growing number of our own states and now an entire major neighboring country ending prohibition, its going to be increasingly hard for drug warriors in the Trump administration to meaningfully roll back our gains, ” said Tom Angell of the pro-legalization group Marijuana Majority.

A suite of legislation introduced Thursday would, once passed, establish a "strict legal framework" for the production, sale, distribution and possession of pot, and make it against the law to sell cannabis to youth or use a young person to commit a cannabis-related crime. Prime Minister Trudeau's cannabis legislation would allow adults 18 or over to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public.

Chief Murray Rodd issued a statement to The Examiner after details of the new bills were made public Thursday.

They would also be permitted to grow up to four plants per residence for personal use, as well as make legal cannabis-containing products at home.

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The country aims to regulate the growth, import, export and sale of marijuana to keep cannabis away from underage users. That would give the police authorization to use oral fluid drug screeners, but cannabis is particularly hard to detect at low concentrations.

"This is a very important day, I've spent most of my adult life keeping children and communities safe", said MP Bill Blair during a press conference shortly after the legislation was presented to Parliament.

"Today's plan to legalise, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis will put an end to this". We also represent the leading retail and banner buying groups serving independent pharmacies.

Legal marijuana in Canada, one of the U.S.s strongest allies, could be a game-changer for domestic marijuana policy discussions in the states.

The move will likely put more pressure on American leaders in Washington, D.C., to reform marijuana laws on a federal level - and not the sort of reform Attorney General Jeff Sessions has in mind.

If the bill passes, Canada will join multiple USA states, including California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, which have all legalized recreational marijuana.

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Although the government's plan will lift the 94-year-old prohibition on recreational use of marijuana, Larsen said it is not enough.

If the law succeeds, Canada will be the second country in the world to legalize marijuana.

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The proposal to legalize pot has been applauded by marijuana advocates, but has raised concerns from others about a potential rise in impaired driving and the impact on the mental health of young Canadians.

Opposition reaction Thursday ran the gamut: the Conservatives shook their heads at what they are convinced is a bad idea, while the New Democrats wondered what took so long.

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