Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Is the Do-All Car of the Future


Called the FNR-X, the United States auto maker claims its latest concept draws inspiration from the 2015 Chevrolet FNR (Find New Roads) concept that was shown back at the 2015 Shanghai show but, in the flesh, the latest design study looks like it borrows much from the current Camaro.

What's inside?The FNR-X has a creative, imaginative interior design that matches its exterior.

Around back, rear spoilers and side skirts move up and down depending on which driving mode is used.

Though decidedly a concept, it is far closer to being a production ready vehicle than GM's last Shanghai concept, the futuristic Chevrolet-FNR (Find New Roads) concept vehicle, which was shown in 2015.

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Chevrolet is exploring the future as well as showcasing the talents of its Asia-based design team with the FNR-X concept auto.

Under the bonnet there's a plug-in hybrid powertrain, although Chevrolet hasn't released any technical info on what engine or electric motors will power the FNR-X.

"The Chevrolet-FNR is one of Chevrolet's most forward-thinking concept cars, truly exemplifying the brand's passion for innovation and ingenuity", said Alan Batey, GM executive vice president, in a statement.

Corporate styling cues such as Chevrolet's signature two-segment grille and thin, modern-looking LED headlamps and tail lamps are present on the FNR-X and are joined by some more radical touches such as rear-hinged rear doors, a narrow window/greenhouse section and a full-length moonroof. High-tech hex-pattern fabrics inspired by graphene crystal structures cover the seats, while ambient lighting is on offer to better tailor the mood of the vehicle to the nature of the journey.

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The FNR-X supports intelligent connected mobility for individual users.

The SUV's seats can be easily repositioned or removed to maximize cargo capacity. It incorporates an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) dynamic display system, a unique intelligent speech interaction system and an ID-customizable information system.

Chevrolet has unveiled a new concept for a plug-in hybrid SUV that features an advanced aero and active suspension that can adjusts its ground clearance on demand.

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