Christians Advised To Proclaim Resurrection Of Jesus


"There was a pious, young priest; who lived nearly fully on yeast; "for", he said, "it is plain; we must all rise again; and I want to get started at least".

Easter Sunday is a special time for clergy members.

Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on his part said: "The Lord will bless all Nigerians and the resurrection power will come in their lives. From my family and I to you and your family, Happy Easter".

On the third day after He died - the day we now celebrate as Easter Sunday - his friends went to His grave and found that He had risen from the dead.

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Christians have been urged to emulate the example of Jesus Christ by cultivating the habit of forgiving without keeping records of the wrongs forgiven and occasionally refer to them each time a similar offence is committed. Several families will also be participating in the Easter march from Bishop's college at 3pm on Sunday. I think people realize the sacredness of this day.

While the eggs symbolise new life, the Easter Bunny is more popularly recognised as the judge of good and evil in Christian folklore.

For many people, Easter celebrates spring; but for many local Christians, Easter celebrates something far more more important: the victory of Christ over death.

This Easter, let the promises and evidence of Jesus' resurrection give you security in his identity as the Savior and confidence in his ability to prepare you for eternity.

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"Easter is one of those festivals people still link to the church, it hasn't been commercialised in the same way as Christmas". But Good Friday is not the end of the story.

How blessed we are to know that and to be able to celebrate the fact that even when the world seemed to have given up on Jesus, God reminded them in a powerful way that indeed He is in control.

Ayokunle who recalled the agony of the disciples of Jesus Christ over his death and how their sadness turned into joy on the resurrection morning is optimistic that the future of the country would be characterised by abundance, joy and celebrations.

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