Democrats threaten delay on Supreme Court nominee


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on Thursday that he will oppose President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and said Senate Republicans will need to muster up 60 votes to confirm Gorsuch, suggesting that Democrats will filibuster his confirmation. Shelley Moore CapitoShelley Moore CapitoPence pushes Manchin in home state to support Gorsuch GOP govs: "ObamaCare repeal bill shifts "significant" costs to states Here's how Congress can get people to live healthy lifestyles MORE [R], Judge Neil Gorsuch will soon become Justice Neil Gorsuch", Pence said during his speech at a construction supply depot.

"If Judge Gorsuch can't achieve 60 votes in the Senate, could any judge appointed by a Republican president be approved with 60 or more votes in the Senate?"

Graham added, "If my Democratic colleagues choose to filibuster this guy, then they will be telling me that they don't accept the election results - 306 electoral votes - that they're trying to delegitimize President Trump, and that's not right and we would have to change the rules to have the Supreme Court like everybody else".

Judge Neil Gorsuch will not receive U.S. Sen. Trump won West Virginia by 40 points in November, and Republicans hope to seize on his support in the state to expand their majority in the Senate. He will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. Every time Democrats tried to draw him out on a range of serious issues, including abortion and gay rights, Gorsuch answered in the same way: "I have declined to offer any promises, hints or previews of how I'd resolve any case". Gorsuch himself will not be taking questions, or in the hearing room. Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor.

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Gorsuch received the American Bar Association's highest rating after what ABA official Nancy Scott Degan called a "deep and broad" investigation.

With Supreme Court justices serving lifetime appointments, Gorsuch could potentially sit on the court for three decades or even longer. But he did tell Sen. Dick Durbin, a member of the Judiciary panel, said during a hearing break that Gorsuch may have convinced "some, but not many" of his fellow Democrats to vote for him. Some Democrats would be willing to vote to end the filibuster on a second cloture vote, which in the past has been common, to allow more time for debate. Dianne Feinstein, who anxious that Gorsuch would vote to restrict abortion, that "no one is looking to return us to horse and buggy days".

"Feinstein, the committee's senior Democrat, summed up her colleagues" frustration.

Republicans, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of the Colorado native. Sen. Such a change also would apply to future Supreme Court nominees and would be especially important in the event that Trump gets to fill another opening and replace a liberal justice or Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's so-called swing vote.

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Sanders' decision is not a surprise and his announcement comes after Gorsuch spent two days answering questions from a Senate panel examining his qualifications. Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah said he agreed that Garland is a wonderful person and well qualified.

"Why in your early decision did you want to lower the bar so low?"

After reviewing a number of the judge's decisions in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Casey said powerful interests are disproportionately the beneficiaries "while workers, consumers and those with disabilities are the losers".

"We can not demand perfection from Supreme Court justices", the senator said.

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