Donald Trump praises China for helping on North Korea


Mr Kim called the news conference to "categorically reject" the U.S. decision to hold an open meeting of the Security Council on April 28 on North Korea's nuclear programme, which is scheduled to be chaired by USA secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

Pence reassured Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the USA considers its alliance with Japan to be a cornerstone of security in the region. Economic Dialogue at the prime minister's office in Tokyo, Tuesday, April 1.

In Japan, Vice President Pence said the us will be reaching out to North Korea's neighbors to help shut down Kim Jong Un's missile and nuclear development programs.

President Trump's number two is also scheduled to hold talks with Japanese leaders on the subject of increase bilateral trade agreements.

They say it fails to take into account the complex patterns of global trade, pointing out that the US has run big deficits during periods of strong economic growth.

A day after a failed North Korean missile test, U.S. President Donald Trump had a message Monday for the North's ruler: "'Gotta behave".

Pointing to the quarter-century since the United States first confronted North Korea over its attempts to build nuclear weapons, he said a period of patience had followed.

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"If the United States is reckless enough to use military means it would mean from that very day, an all-out war", he said.

Xi, said Trump, understands that North Korea is "a big problem". He did not comment on what might have caused the missile to fail.

The U.S. and South Korea also have a joint response plan, Operations Plan (OPLAN).

"I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea", he tweeted last week.

Pence spoke with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Finance Minister Taro Aso, among others.

"We need to minimize as many unique Korea standards which would make it easier to buy American products made in America", Kim said at the meeting with Pence.

"But at the same time", the prime minister said, "dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North Korea so that it comes forward and engages in this serious dialogue". However, North Korea didn't respond to Wu's request to visit Pyongyang, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. But it remains unclear what might come next. You look at different things over the years with President [Barack] Obama.

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Pence told reporters Monday that Trump was hopeful China would use its "extraordinary levers" to pressure the North to abandon its weapons program.

The challenge is that more and more of North Korea's missiles are on mobile launchers and scattered about the country.

Noting Trump's recent military actions in Syria and Afghanistan, Pence said, "North Korea would do well not to test his resolve" or the US armed forces in the region.

China wants to cool tempers and would like to see a return to multilateral negotiations with North Korea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China conducts "normal" business with its neighbour North Korea while adhering to sanctions imposed beginning in 2006 by the U.N. Security Council.

"Think of it - he's working so nicely that many coal ships have been sent back, fuel is being sent back", Trump said of Xi.

Burns reported from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. AP reporter Jonathan Lemire reported from NY.

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