Future of revamped health care bill remains dubious in House


However, none of the text of the new bill has been released, and it's unclear why House Republicans would be able to strike a compromise on health care now after proving incapable of doing so in March. A 2001 Kaiser Family Foundation study found that insurers quoted premiums as high as 50 percent more for depression and 100 percent more for breast cancer, with numerous most expensive, and thus, sickest, people getting rejected.

That's according to a white paper describing the amendment, which is the result of weeks of negotiation between Meadows and MacArthur. "Now, by gutting protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Republicans will make it all but impossible for millions of Americans fighting illness to afford the health coverage they desperately need".

The new amendment by Rep. Tom MacArthur, New Jersey Republican and member of the moderate Tuesday Group, would retain key aspects of Obamacare generally, such as requiring insurers to cover people with preexisting medical conditions and letting young adults stay on their parents' plans until age 26.

But the White House is pushing for the House to vote on the newly revised plan next week, and Republicans are expected to discuss the path forward on a conference call Saturday. To get those waivers, states would need to have high-risk pools - government-backed insurance for the most seriously ill people, a mechanism that has often failed for lack of sufficient financing.

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The report noted that before the passage and phase-in of Obamacare, insurers would underwrite, or evaluate people's health, and raise premiums or decline coverage accordingly.

"This effectively allows states to eliminate the ACA's guarantee of access to insurance at a reasonable price for people with pre-existing conditions, in the interest of lowering premiums for people who are healthy", Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, said upon seeing a description of the proposal. President Trump, who reportedly is a pretty big fan of winning, was never going to take such a loss lightly. States could request an exemption from the existing health law's "community rating" rule meant to ensure that people with preexisting conditions could not be charged prohibitive premiums - but only if those states establish a high-risk insurance pool where such consumers could purchase government-subsidized insurance. The concessions also might not be enough for some conservatives, who have expressed issue with Republicans establishing an advance refundable tax credit to help pay for insurance. So, what's changed? Well, according to the Huffington Post, conservative and moderate Republicans have struck a tentative agreement that could appease both wings of the party.

Still, Meadows believes the conference will pass the health care bill before April 29.

But the official cautioned that some Republican House members are still at odds over some of the bill's points. Just this week, Sen. Much of the coverage loss stemmed from the reductions to Medicaid.

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Public opinion has also shifted since the repeal effort began in earnest ― and it has shifted decisively against Republicans and their cause.

"The president has been quoted several times and said he's inclined not to make them and I can't tell you that I'm interested in dissuading him from that position", Mulvaney said.

The White House seems to think that it's on the shoals of victory on health care.

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