GOG Is Giving Away Free Copies of Saints Row 2


In addition, Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition and its standalone expansion Gat Out of Hell have also been made available on GOG. Play around in some more of the best sandbox games on PC. For the next 48 hours you can pick up a free copy of Saints Row 2 over at GOG (and Steam) - just log in your account and click on the giveaway banner on the main page of the site. There's no catch here, you simply need a GOG account and you're pretty much ready to go.

Over the next two days, anyone will be able to add Saints Row 2 to their library and download the game for free. Phil was far less enamoured with the hell-set Gat Out of Hell, however it's going for £2.75/£3.75 should you wish to give it a bash.

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But that's not all as GOG.com is also running a week-long, up to 75% off sale on all Deep Silver games .

If you already own any of the Saints Row games on Steam, you'll be able to get free copies of the DRM-free versions on GOG by linking your Steam ID to GOG through the GOG connect page. The catalog sale ends on Thursday, April 27.

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GOG.com ( https://www.gog.com ), the digital distribution platform where DRM-free is not an empty slogan, is having a massive Saints Row event happening for the upcoming week, with plenty of activities for all fans of open-world mayhem like no other.

Saint's Row is one of the most iconic series in the history of gaming, with the comical story line and emphasis on a light-sided game, the developers won the fans over. Players can use the GOG Connect feature to import their Steam games to the GOG library.

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