Google Home Makes Major Update


This kind of training should be familiar to anyone who uses Siri, or the voice assistant on Google's phones - the key difference being that you'll have to go through it multiple times on Home, depending on how many accounts you want to hook up. From there, you'll set up Google Home by saying "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" so that the speaker can link your account to your voice.

"Those phrases are then analyzed by a neural network, which can detect certain characteristics of a person's voice", Google's Yury Pinsky explained today. Previously, the Google Assistant-backed smart speaker could only support a user at a time, making it a hassle to personalize the experience to yourself without messing up another individual's settings. This is a feature Google Home devotees have been requesting since day one, and Google has finally acquiesced. Googles voice-activated assistant can now recognize whos talking to it on the Googles Home speaker.

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Those people who aren't recognized users can still ask questions of the Home device, but it won't respond to more personal queries about things like users' calendar data. To use this feature you should be on latest version of Google Home App.

With support for multiple accounts, Google Home can pull up personalized information like playlists and calendar events. "We're just getting started and we won't be ideal", the statement said. So, when you ask Google Assistant for help going forward, it'll be able to distinguish your voice from your son's or husband's or daughter's or roommate's and switch to the right account. First, open the Google Home app and look for a card that says, "Multi-user is available". Google Home will still listen to unregistered voices when asked for things like facts and games.

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Google Home may finally have a solution to children "hijacking" the device to buy stuff.

For Home owners in the United Kingdom, the update will roll out "in the coming months".

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