House GOP adds Obamacare repeal measure as it heads off to vacation


Conservative Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said he remained a "no" votes, saying states should be allowed to opt out of Obama's insurance requirements without seeking federal permission "on bended knee".

In addition, the White House would let states seek an exemption to the law's provision banning insurers from charging higher premiums for seriously ill people.

The 10 essential health benefits that we now enjoy in Obamacare are: Ambulatory Patient Services (outpatient care); Prescription Drugs; Emergency Care; Mental Health Services; Hospitalization; Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services; Preventive and Wellness Services; Laboratory Services; Pediatric Care; Maternity and Newborn Care. The idea is to put states back in charge of insurance rules, reasoning that that would increase the availability of plans with lower premiums, attractive to younger, healthier customers.

The Kaiser Family Foundation runs a monthly tracking poll on health care topics, including Obamacare, that provides those involved in the raging USA health care debate some helpful regular check-ins with public sentiment.

Republican health analysts said party officials had little choice but to keep trying to reach consensus - or at least enough consensus to pass a bill out of the House.

"I think an invisible high-risk pool or reinsurance could work so long as it's adequately funded, and this does not seem like a significant amount of money", Cox said. "You will get guaranteed access to coverage, but you won't be able to afford it".

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While high risk pools are a favorite policy among Ryan and conservatives, they have a very checked past in the states where they existed prior to Obamacare.

Critics say eliminating those insurance requirements would raise premiums for people with serious medical problems and threaten to leave many people without coverage they need. That's because the broader GOP legislation would repeal unpopular ACA penalties on people who don't get covered, a move that insurers fear would let people postpone getting coverage until they are sick.

But moderates complained that would violate promises that the GOP would keep intact protections for people with preexisting health conditions.

Dan Holler, the vice-president of Heritage Action, said conservatives had already "ceded a lot of ground" on fully repealing the healthcare law.

Ryan and McCarthy huddled in the West Wing with Vice President Mike Pence, chief of Staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

Lawmakers said they plan to meet again on Wednesday to continue the search for an agreement, but there are doubts from many corners about whether a deal is possible anytime soon.

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He said that the bill that was under consideration last month had backing from just 17 percent of Americans and did not go through the regular hearing process.

It is Ryan's fault, not because he can't twist enough arms for what is an incredibly shitty bill, but that for seven years this golden boy great white hope wonk pretender did absolutely nothing to try to craft a replacement that everybody wouldn't hate.

HFC Chairman, Congressman Mark Meadows, proved to be a formidable roadblock for President Donald Trump and Republican leadership during the first repeal effort.

But a poll released earlier this week by the Kaiser Family Foundation offered reinforcement for lawmakers reluctant to forge ahead.

After Republicans failed to garner enough votes almost two weeks ago to pass the American Health Care Act, some Republicans instrumental in the bill's failure - especially the conservatives - expressed renewed motivation to find a way to reach consensus with their more moderate counterparts.

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