I Dusted Rubio, Bush Before I Even Knew Steve Bannon


The Post reported that Bannon is struggling to hold onto his job, and President Donald Trump himself has been publicly distancing himself from Bannon this week.

But it follows Bannon's ceremonial removal from his prestigious perch on the National Security Council, at a time when the portfolio of Kushner, husband to Ivanka Trump has been expanding.

President Donald Trump has declared: "I am my own strategist".

These officials said Bannon's influence has been overstated, pointing out that numerous president's ideas on trade, immigration and the economy were formed before Bannon joined the campaign.

Yet it is also a risky proposition to push Bannon out, given his prominence and popularity among much of Trump's base and his far-right megaphone that still exists at Breitbart News.

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham similarly said to the Washington Post that Bannon is a symbol inside the West Wing of the platform that got Trump elected.

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Even before Trump's outburst, there were reports that Bannon's influential connections beyond the White House were looking for a post for him.

Like the old "Conventional Wisdom Watch" feature in Newsweek, the arrow next to son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is pointing upward and the arrow beside top strategist and house ideologue Stephen Bannon is pointing downward. Long before Bannon came on the scene, Trump was telegraphing acceptance of white nationalist thinking, by being coy about condemning Duke's support, which Trump had to be repeatedly pressed about in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper.

But his nationalist agenda has suffered several setbacks in the White House; a travel ban on immigrants was stalled in court, and Trump's intervention in Syria goes against Bannon's isolationist philosophy.

Two administration officials sought to downplay the tensions between Kushner and Bannon, and said they didn't expect any near-term changes in Bannon's role, which they described as that of an adviser focused on helping Trump carry through on his campaign promises.

Trump is also said to be unhappy with media depiction of Bannon. Kushner seems to be on President Trump's shoulder, opposite Bannon. "I think when you look at these issues and you recognize the direction in which they're moving, they're moving in a direction that the President stated very clearly", Spicer said at at White House press conference.

Approaching the 100-day mark, the marker at which there's a reckoning on the performance of a new American president, there's much speculation that Donald Trump is contemplating a shake-up.

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Steve Bannon's getting it from all angles at the moment - and the good burghers of Twitter have been revelling in his misfortune.

The White House has previously downgraded the roles of those who had served in the campaign, although usually only after the individuals had left Trump's circle.

For now, Bannon is still ensconced in the White House.

As President Donald Trump grappled with the realities of governing, leaks about infighting within his administration, and multiple global conflicts, two of his top aides, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, were far from the White House.

"I'm not so infatuated with Trump that I can't see the facts", she said. Trump's campaign team, even after the election, angrily denied that it had given a boost to racists.

Repairing the rift from his dustup with Kushner is going to be a heavy lift for Bannon.

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