In Venezuela Dozens of children evacuated from Caracas hospital amid unrest


The company claims that the seizure took place in total disregard of its right to due process and has caused an irreparable damage to its 2600 plus workers and 79 dealers across the country.

The news comes as the country is embroiled in widespread, national protests against President Nicolas Maduro, whose government took control of Venezuela five years ago.

This is merely the latest government seizure of a private company in the country with the world's largest oil reserves but a self-imposed big-government recession. It wasn't clear who shot him and there was no immediate comment from authorities.

"They're using a Venezuelan's death, for which they're responsible, to commit slander", Machado said on Twitter. GM has operated in Venezuela for almost 70 years, employing 2,700 people there and operating 79 dealerships.

It's not the first time the Venezuelan government has seized a foreign corporation's facilities.

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"The opposition renewed the demonstrations quickly because they want to keep the momentum going", Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler, who has been denied access to report in Venezuela, said from Argentina's Buenos Aires.

The opposition accuses Maduro of letting state forces and gangs of armed thugs violently repress demonstrators.

A 17-year-old boy and a 23-year-old woman died after being shot on Wednesday during massive protests, bringing to seven the number killed this month in a mounting political crisis.

Venezuelan authorities have called on the OAS to condemn the violence perpetrated by the opposition, but to no avail.

The current wave of marches, the most sustained protests against Maduro since 2014, has sparked regular clashes in which youths and National Guard troops exchange volleys of rocks and tear gas.

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"Venezuelans have long suffered chronic shortages of food and medicine". Last July, the government said it would take over a factory belonging to Kimberly-Clark Corp. after the American personal care giant said it was halting manufacturing because materials weren't available in Venezuela.

In July of previous year, the government took control of a factory belonging to Kimberly-Clark Corp. after the US personal care giant said it was no longer possible to manufacture in the crisis-wracked nation due to a lack of materials. The timing of this action indicates that Maduro may be expecting to intensify his confrontation with the United States to try to distract from the growing protests against him. Maduro has been accused by the opposition of behaving like a dictator.

"Today they attempted to take power by force and we defeated them again", said Maduro, adding that in recent hours authorities had rounded up several armed opponents seeking to carry out a coup.

"Protests will need to grow and persist over the coming weeks to force a political transition", Eurasia analyst Risa Grais-Targow said in a note on Thursday.

Rights group Penal Forum said more than 500 people were arrested in relation to Wednesday's protest and 334 remained in detention.

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