Labour leader says United Kingdom election 'establishment vs people'


The Labour leader will acknowledge that "much of the media and the establishment" already believe his party can not win the election, but will pledge not to "play by the rules" and "change the direction" of the polls.

Most anti-Corbyn Labour MPs are determined that the leadership doesn't get to pin on them what they're convinced will be a bad defeat.

In an effort to try and win over support from these voters the Party is mulling a plan for a second referendum as part of its election manifesto, the Times has reported.

"Are we going to be a country that gives riches and makes riches for all of us, or are we going to be a country that works only to the make the richest even richer?"

"They want to unite together to divide our country and we will not let them do it". "That is what our plans for Brexit and our plan for Britain will deliver, and that is what the Conservative Party will be offering at this election".

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A man passing by commented: "I hope you become Prime Minister" - prompting a smile and thanks from Mr Corbyn.

Mr Marshall-Andrews used to sit with the socialist group of Labour MPs alongside Mr Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Ministers, most outspokenly I hear was David Davis, have been voicing their anxiety that there the talk with the EU27 would get to their most testing moments just as the PM's mandate was running thin, as the 2020 general election was coming into view, increasing EU27 potential negotiating strength and reducing Theresa May's.

While Mrs May reaffirmed her commitment to give Parliament a vote on any deal with the European Union she flatly ruled out a second referendum. "Because when we win it is the people, not the powerful, who win".

The Labour leader told ITV's Good Morning Britain the party's poor showing in the polls could be remedied by talking about policies, including a pledge yesterday to fund a 17% increase in the carer's allowance, which would mean an extra £10 a week for about 1mn people.

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Rejecting widespread predictions that Labour is heading for significant losses on June 8, he is expected to say: "Much of the media and establishment are saying this election is a foregone conclusion".

"I don't play by their rules, and if a Labour government is elected on the 8th of June we won't play by their rules either", he said. May accused Labour of being at the center of "a coalition of chaos".

He promised to target the rich, claiming he would "put the interests of the majority first" and stand up for people held back by a rigged economic system.

He said: "I can not countenance endorsing him for a job that even he doesn't think he is fit to carry out".

Ms May said: "I think it is right that schools are best placed to prioritise the needs of their pupils and can use their funding to ensure that they are supporting any pupil facing disadvantage, financial or otherwise".

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Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said securing a stronger majority would give the PM "the opportunity to arrive at potential compromises within the EU".