Latin America's poor need more help to tackle Zika


Since the epidemic began in 2015 in Brazil, the County Health Department has stepped up its testing for Zika and vector control has been diligent in its spraying for mosquitos, the primary way the virus is spread.

Zika virus is generally a mild illness that is spread primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito, but can also be spread through sexual contact with a partner who has been infected with the virus.

"In 2015, when the [Zika] virus swept across Brazil, we saw an extraordinary large number of microcephaly cases in young children".

The second Zika cluster of this year has been confirmed at Flower Road/Hendry Close, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Thursday (April 6), less than a kilometre away from the Simon Place cluster reported last week. "[Perhaps] some of these people were not pregnant when they caught the virus, but eventually when they did get pregnant, they were already immune to the virus", Swaminathan said.

The CDC's new report looks at data collected from January 15 to December 27, 2016 by the CDC's U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry.

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USA blood centers now use one of two different nucleic acid tests (NATs) to screen samples for signs of Zika virus: a PCR test developed by Roche, or a transcription-mediated amplification test created by Hologic/Grifols.

Even more disturbing, the risk for birth defects is likely higher than the study suggests, because 75% of the babies born to mothers with some evidence of Zika infection did not receive the recommended brain imaging after birth.

Late previous year there were six cases of local mosquitoes transmitting the virus to people in Brownsville, located in Cameron County. An estimated 80 percent of people infected have no symptoms, making it hard for individuals to know whether they have been infected. None of those were in the continental U.S. What you should know is Zika typically isn't harmful to those who aren't pregnant.

"The question is, when you have an outbreak of Zika virus, does it always cause microcephaly, or does it only sometimes cause microcephaly?" he said. More than 80 percent of the potential losses over three years are due to reduced revenues from global tourism, with the potential to reach a total of US$9 billion over three years or 0.06 percent of GDP annually. "But what do you say to women who don't have the means to move?"

There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika, which also can be transmitted sexually.

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HONEIN: So there's been pregnant women reported from 44 different states in the U.S. There are some areas that have more travelers.

"These are not mosquitoes that when you're out at the lake you need to worry about".

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an unprecedented travel advisory telling pregnant women to avoid Miami-Dade County, Philip said that state and federal officials struggled to communicate the risks without sowing panic. "The EPA does not recommend any additional precautions for using registered repellents on children or on pregnant or lactating women", the CDC states on its website.

Though largely confined to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016, Zika appeared in the United States last summer, with local transmission occurring in a couple of Miami-area neighborhoods.

If you're anxious that you may have contracted Zika, talk to your general physician.

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