Lawmakers consider bill banning abortion coverage


President Donald Trump has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood unless the health care organization stops providing abortion all together.

"You have abortionists who say that they will always certify that there is a health reason for performing an abortion, so, there really is no clear standard and AB 128 provides one", said Rep. Jacque.

"That is exactly why women and their doctors should be able to make these decisions without political interference".

The Assembly Health Committee heard testimony Wednesday on the bill that would prohibit the state's group insurance board from contracting with an insurance company to cover abortion services.

"Once again, Republicans in our state make it a priority to take away health insurance coverage that women now have".

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Wisconsin already prohibits abortion coverage for people on Medicaid, while 21 other states prohibit abortion coverage for public employees as well.

How those are defined is left up to the health plan, but they generally are only those considered to be medically necessary.

"I think that it's incredibly important because women of all ages, especially young women, need to make sure they have control over their future - that they have a choice of when they want to incorporate a family into their lives", Leyva said, according to the Sacramento Bee, when she introduced the proposal in mid-March.

Following SB 320's approval today by the Senate Health Committee, the bill will next proceed to the Senate Education Committee where it will remain for the next few months while Senator Leyva and stakeholders continue to work on the particular issues related to the bill. Jon Erpenbach promised "all out hell" if it and other anti-abortion measures were brought up.

Three anti-abortion groups support the bill, but the Wisconsin Medical Society and groups trying to end domestic abuse and sexual assault have lined up against it.

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"Governor Walker is focused on Wisconsin's economy and getting the state budget done", his spokesman Tom Evenson said Wednesday, echoing his comments from four years ago.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's spokeswoman Myranda Tanck did not immediately reply to a message.

Amendments to Senate Bill 320 on Wednesday dropped the mandate from community colleges and gave universities a more cost-effective option of allowing outside providers to come to campus for the service, rather than providing the two-dose abortion medication at their student health centers. The prohibition would also exist if the state moves to a self-insurance model, as Walker is proposing. The only exceptions are in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk.

Currently, state health plans can provide coverage for medically necessary or so-called "therapeutic" abortions.

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