Look, listen for angels of God


Easter service at St Andrew's Church will begin at 9.30am. Let us come together as God's people and celebrate all that He has done for us. Several families will also be participating in the Easter march from Bishop's college at 3pm on Sunday.

THERE ARE three times during a year that a church can expect to have a full house, or at the very least more visitors than usual - and that's at the Sunday service before Christmas, the Watchnight New Year's Eve service and the Easter service.

This day is celebrated as Christ rose from the dead on this day, Father Diego said, explaining the celebrations.

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Families go to church, meet relatives and enjoy with their families on Easter Sunday.

The Catholic community's spokesperson in Karachi, Father Saleh Diego, told The Express Tribune that Easter prayers and Mass take place every year at midnight.

"A very Happy Easter Sunday to all Malaysian Christians celebrating at home or overseas", he said in expressing his good wishes to those celebrating Easter.

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He said the administration's enforcement priorities are people who committed crimes in the United States and pose a threat. Trump has kept it in place and made sympathetic remarks about its beneficiaries, angering some immigration hardliners.

The confectionary section of New Market wore a busy look since morning with people out there to purchase Easter num noms like Easter eggs, mud pies and cakes. "It is the essence of our Christian faith from the suffering on Good Friday to the resurrection and the hope it brings to everyone", David Andrews said.

"My own denomination, the Nigerian Baptist Convention are gathering in Abuja for a whole week beginning from this weekend to seek the face of our God for Nigeria, her people and our leaders".

We are in the time of celebrating Easter, for this wonderful day is not just one Sunday in the calendar year, but in the Christian calendar is 50 days up to Pentecost.

Russia Supreme Court bans Jehovah's Witnesses, citing 'extremist activity'
He said he feared that members of the group could face prosecution if they continued to gather and study the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses will not be able to congregate for worship at their church or anywhere else.

However, Reverend Rogers assured the packed church that Mary Magdalene, who is mentioned in all four gospels as a witness of the crucifixion and empty tomb, is a true example that "we can confront the empty tomb, seek and experience the risen Christ in our lives".