Malia Obama's 'Longtime Stalker' Reported to Police


Jair Nilton Cardoso, 30, had allegedly attempted to get into the White House on a number of occasions while Malia and her family were in residence there, and is also more recently accused of following the teenager around NY since she took up residence there.

According to the Secret Service, on April 10, Jair Nilton Cardosa, 30, went to the fourth floor of the Tribeca office where the 18-year-old Obama was working as an intern, put a sign on a window and repeatedly yelled to her asking her to marry him.

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He was kicked out by two Secret Service agents assigned to Malia's detail. "This guy tried to get at her in the White House and now he's found her at work, it's terrifying".

Just because she's a former first daughter doesn't mean that her spring style isn't eminently relatable: Malia Obama is striding into the season with a little shirtdress swagger. They told him to leave her alone and turned him away.

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According to the Daily News, Obama White House staffers had expressed frustration with the way paparazzi photographed the eldest Obama daughter when she was out in public because they feared it could fuel the sort of behavior Cardoso exhibited.

On April 13, Secret Service agents interviewed Cardoso at his apartment and took him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. She will start at Harvard in September.

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The Secret Service have now reported Cardoso to police who are considering whether to file stalking or harassment charges against him.