Mario Kart 8 Deluxe May Lose Out On Fire-Hopping Exploit


Anyone who missed out on the Wii U version will want to experience the best version of Mario Kart yet, and having it on the Nintendo Switch allows players to scratch that Mario Kart itch wherever they are.

Nintendo also completely revamped the original's mangled Battle mode.

Sales of its lead title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have reached 1.3-million. The result is a crisp, colourful game that conveys the smooth, speedy dynamics of racing. Its art style is nothing short of wonderful.

Speaking of which, Battle Mode also got a huge improvement in terms of the race tracks that players have access to. This is an essential purchase. When I played as Donkey Kong in Balloon Battle, I was surprised to see so much detail in his fur.

There are some neat changes to the main racing modes in Deluxe, as well.

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The magic of this game is its layers.

There are eight custom race tracks available to players, all of which are meant to maximize the amount of damage and competitiveness that players experience.

Nintendo's decision to port a few of Wii U's most popular and beloved games to the now content-deprived Switch - which, at the moment, is functioning as little more than an expensive Zelda box for most people - was inevitable. You'll learn the basic course routes, appreciating each circuit's distinctive theme - one underwater, one in the clouds, one made entirely from confectionary and so on - complete with its own music and motifs.

Before you know it, you're heavily invested in this deep and exciting kart racer. The longer you drift for, the bigger boost you'll receive, denoted by colourful sparks that spit and spurt out of your wheels.

All the news that happened while you slept.

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It's not without its problems, though.

Such tweaks don't fundamentally alter Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's gameplay, but they add to the potential for satisfaction or frustration, depending on whether you manage to beat someone to a double-item box or just get pipped. It's extremely frustrating to be ahead in a race only to have your controller bug out on you, sending you hurtling into the multi-coloured Armco barriers, or straight into the jaws of an enormous flaming Bowser.

We then get a look at two returning items for the series that were missing in the original release of Mario Kart 8, which are the Boo and Feather items, with a description of each.

Unless all of your friends have their own Switch and copy of the game, you'll need to share one system and TV. This is, in my eyes, the most polished entry in the series, bringing together a set of fun new courses and well-curated old favorites with unmatched visual clarity (in 1080p, 60 frames per second when docked and 720p/60 when portable) and a rollicking, toe-tapping soundtrack produced with live instrumentation. This'll let us see how easy it is to pair up with friends either at home or when you're out and about on the move. The title also claims the mantle of fastest ever selling title in USA history for Nintendo. We can't escape the sense that this isn't the console-defining new Mario Kart game that the Nintendo Switch needs to properly assert itself, but as a launch window release, Deluxe is the next best thing. There's practically every character from the Mushroom Kingdom (except Birdo), and even a number of additions from outside the pantheon of Mario characters, such as Link and Animal Crossing villagers - sadly, the Mercedes GLA cars have been made a permanent part of the roster.

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