Meet the Woman Replacing Disgraced Alabama Governor Robert Bentley


Former Gov. Robert Bentley's resignation and plea agreement this week "concluded the investigation as to the former governor, but does not necessarily conclude the investigation", Special Assistant Attorney General Ellen Brooks said Tuesday.

The charges were failing to file a major contribution report and knowingly using campaign contributions for personal use.

Last week, a report for the Alabama House Judiciary Committee said Mr Bentley tried to hide the affair "in a process characterised by increasing obsession and paranoia". Bentley was under investigation for misuse of state resources to pursue and cover up an affair with one of his former staff members, Rebekah Caldwell.

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Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey was sworn in as the state's 54th governor on Monday, April 10, following the resignation of Robert Bentley. He did not mention the charges to which he pleaded guilty, or the deal with prosecutors that mandated his resignation. Later in that same week, the Alabama House Judiciary Committee [official website] issued a report [text, PDF] from their impeachment investigation of Bentley, finding that he had directed law enforcement to advance his personal interests and subjected career law enforcement officers to tasks meant to protect his reputation. The Huffington Post notes that Ivey is the second woman to serve as the state's governor, following Democrat Lurleen Wallace, who served between 1967 and 1968. He acknowledged wrongly using campaign money to pay nearly $9,000 for her legal bills and failing to properly report a $50,000 loan he made to his campaign. Yet in the previous year, three top elected officials have been removed from office, Governor Bentley, House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Chief Justice Roy Moore.

As the Senate's president and presiding officer, Ivey acted as a moderator who didn't offer opinions on legislation but instead directed the procedural flow in her signature honey-dripping drawl, cutting off senators whose speeches have gone on too long or namedropping distinguished guests in the gallery. And honestly, right now, I think one of the things we need in state government is a little more boring.

According to Sharman's investigative report, filed last week, Bentley was desperate to keep the allegations from spreading beyond the Governor's Mansion, where they were apparently well-known among staffers.

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The report revealed that Bentley once opened the door of his hotel room in Washington clad in boxer shorts, thinking Mason was on the other side when it was actually hotel staff.

Gov. Robert Bentley woke up today as citizen Robert Bentley probably wondering what just happened.

"I have decided that it is time for me to step down as Alabama's governor", Bentley said at a press conference Monday evening.

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Bentley denied having a physical relationship with his former aide, though in some of the recordings he talked about the pleasure he got from fondling her breasts. At one point, the governor sent the head of his security detail to fetch one of the recordings from his son, Paul Bentley, who responded: "You ain't getting it". Lawmakers in his own party called for his impeachment. Cam Ward, an Alabaster Republican who's sponsoring a much debated bill to overhaul the state prison system. If was stayed previous year. The dermatologist also can not seek public office again.