Microsoft Finally Gives Up On Windows Vista


Neither are they going to pick up non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, as well as online technical content updates from Microsoft.

Today, April 11 2017, is the day when Microsoft kills its extended support for Windows Vista. Windows Vista will not get new security updates and non-security hot fixes either. The ride is over.

The instant search feature, known as Windows Search, helped users find files much quicker than any previous version of the operating system.

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For more information regarding how to upgrade your PC or to check your current OS version, you can visit the support page of Microsoft. The operating system was unable to make a reputable name partially because its new User Interface needed high-spec hardware and didn't run well with most machines.

Windows Vista has been considered to be one of the biggest failures in the history of the Redmond software giant company. Continuing to use Vista after today means you're rolling the dice with a vulnerable OS.

More than 10 years after it debuted, Microsoft is finally bidding farewell to its Windows Vista platform. Announced as a futuristic operating system back in 2007, Windows Vista quickly stumbled and fell in the shadow of its older and younger brothers.

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It's somewhat unlikely many users are still running the OS, as a number of security concerns along with poor speed optimisation led to the OS being mercilessly canned by the technology community. We could upgrade to Windows 7, for example, which stopped receiving standard support in January of past year 2015, but remains within the extended support period until 2020. And yet, many will choose to remain on Windows Vista despite the security risks they face. Double-click winver in the results listed, and the About Windows dialog box will open. Couple that with the fact that IE9 is no longer receiving updates, and you have a rather compelling reason to move to a supported OS.

For now, we are happy to bid adieu to Windows Vista and it's safe to say that it won't be missed.

Vista was launched in 2006, a few years later than the promised launch date of 2003, when it was codenamed "Longhorn" at the time.

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