Microsoft is trialing a refund system for its digital stores


The option was first reported on Reddit by user gaymerRaver who noticed the option in the latest alpha release of the Xbox Insider Program.

You must have less than 2 hours of play time on the game across all accounts. DLCs and season passes are also not eligible for refunds.

Valve updated the Steam refund policy a couple of years ago, enabling refunds for just about anything-including DLC, pre-purchases, and even Steam wallet funds-for any reason. You much launch the game or app before you can refund it. The refunds themselves are self-service, meaning you can apply for a refund right from the Xbox One or Windows 10 dashboard.

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Find the purchased app or game, then select Request a refund.

Navigate to the purchased game or app you'd like to request a refund for.

To refund a game or program you paid for, simply head to your order history page in a web browser and provided your game meets the criteria, you can immediately request a refund.

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As spotted by a crafty Redditor, there are plans by Microsoft to introduce self-service refunds ala Steam's refunding platform. This return service looks to be very similar to the one that Steam offers now for players. That's right - if you want to activate your 14-day or two-hour refund, you'd better be near an actual web browser.

The new version of Skype is on similar lines to the Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 version and comes with a dark theme to match the other Xbox Apps. Android games can also be refunded within 15 minutes of purchase. Well, it's actually fairly easy if you didn't actually like the game. Pretty soon, however, Xbox and Windows gamers will be able to lord it over their counterparts, as Microsoft has finally unveiled its "self-service refund" system.

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